Club Members Visit Pidherney’s

Some of the members of the Sylvan Lake Customs and Classics Car Club participated in a fun event on Father’s Day. They drove out to Pidherney’s and toured their cars and their car museum. They served a nice lunch and Mr. and Mrs. Pidherney were wonderful hosts.

The following members attended this event:

  • Gary and Sybele Brownlee
  • Greg and Tammy Garson
  • Colin and Deb McMann
Tammy Garson, Deb McMann and Sybele Brownlee

Tour of Pidherney’s Car Collection

IMG_2477On Sunday, August 8th, 2016 approximately sixteen members from the Sylvan Lake Customs and Classics car club drove to Rocky Mountain House to tour Merv’s Car Palace.

This is a car IMG_2451collection and museum that belongs to Merv Pidherney.  Although Merv was unable to personally conduct the tour, his employee, Shane, did a fantastic job of conducting a very informative tour, and answering many, many questions.


The museum contained automotive memorabilia such as service station signs, restored old gas pumps and antique license plates.



Members were able to view 31 different cars including the following:

The 1954 Buck Roadmaster Convertible is Merv’s all time favorite!

Members also saw Merv’s first single axle 1964 GM gravel truck and Michigan loader.

Ladies Discussing Which is the Best Car
Ladies Discussing Which is the Best Car

The women had a very serious discussion regarding which was the best car…..  and we are still awaiting their decision.

Everybody thought the tour was very informative and thoroughly enjoyed getting the opportunity to view this unique car collection.