Dustin Borrowman

1988 Mazda RX7 SE owned by Dustin Borrowman
1988 Mazda RX7 SE owned by Dustin Borrowman

My car is a 1988 RX7 SE.   I had heard about them before, but they didn’t strike my interest until I started to find some on Kijiji that were located nearby.  

I found this mint RX7 FC that was for sale because the owner needed to downsize his collection.   The ad said the car was in Edmonton, but it turned out that the owner had moved to Sylvan Lake and was living just across the lake.   Within a week of finding the ad, my Dad and I went over to look at the car and see what it was like.   The car was in beautiful condition, and it only had 21,688 miles on it.   The car was originally an American car from Arizona and was imported to Canada by the previous owner.   (I am now the third owner.)   At the time that we originally looked at the car, I didn’t have my license yet so my Dad drove and I rode in it.   During the test drive, I was amazed by the redline and that it continued to make power the whole way to redline.   When we got back to the owner’s house, we inspected the car further and found that it still had the factory door tags on the inside of the doors.   The car had only had regular maintenance done and an exhaust put on that was later reverted back to stock.  The car is now 100% stock and I plan to keep it that way.

As of December, 2016, I have not taken any long trips with the car.  I have traveled around central Alberta going to car shows, and I am planning on entering the up-coming Royal Rally.

Just like most car guys, this car has become my entertainment and my stress reliever.