Don Church

1968 Camaro and 1973 Chev Pickup owned by Don Church
1968 Camaro and 1973 Chev Pickup owned by Don Church

These are my 1968 Camaro coupe and my 1973 short box Chev Pickup.  The 1968 Camaro was originally bought new in Macklin, Saskatchewan and was driven by a father and son who eventually moved to Alberta.  They sold the car to a fellow in Slave Lake who planned to restore it, but never got around to it.   One day I had a message on my phone from this fellow in Slave Lake and I returned the call.  The conversation went as follows:

Caller:  “Did you leave a business card on my door indicating that you are interested in my 68 Camaro?”
Don:      “No”
Caller:   “Is your name Bob?”
Don:      “No”
Caller:   “Is your phone number XXX-XXXX?”
Don:      “Yes”
Caller:    “Are you looking for a Camaro?”
Don:       “Yes”

Needless to say, I made a trip to Slave Lake and I bought my prize car.  Although it was in rough shape, it was not missing many pieces.    I purchased the car in September, 2004 and after seven years and a complete body off restoration, the Camaro came back to life and was put on the road in 2010.

The Camaro has a 327 V8 engine with 3/4 300 hp cam, Rochester 4 barrel carburetor, T400 3 speed transmission (the original owner replaced the original 2 speed transmission), power steering and brakes, and a 3.08 12 bolt differential.  The car has a black vinyl roof and black hounds tooth seat covers. It is completely original except for the transmission, aftermarket radio, and retractable antenna.

The car had to be hauled home from Rocky Mountain House once because the brakes siezed up, has been used for a wedding, and has been in several parades.

1973 Chevrolet C10 Short Box Step side Truck

I found the 1973 Chev short box step side on the Internet on “Old”.   It was bought new in California, and was used in a construction business for over ten years before being retired.  In 1989, the truck underwent a complete off body restoration.  In 2009, the owners experienced some tough times and moved to Montana and sold the truck to Bob Menier.   I bought it from Bob Menier from McAllister, Montana in August, 2012.   The truck took only 7 days to come to life, not the 7 years that the Camaro took.

The 73 Chev truck has a 350 V8 LS9 stock engine, 175 hp with a 4 Barrel Rochester carburetor, T350 transmission and a 4.10 differential. The truck is basically stock and has been lowered 3 inches.  It has had a lot of shiny metal added to the motor and exterior.  Since purchasing it, I have added bucket seats and spruced up the cab interior.