Club Members Take Home 3 Trophies from Gull Lake

Despite the weather being cool, the Gull Lake Show and Shine held on Sunday, Sept 1, 2019 had an excellent turn out. An outstanding breakfast was served to over 500 individuals.

The following members from the Sylvan Lake Customs and Classics attended the car show:

  • Brian Boutin
  • Don Church
  • Murray Fleming and Wendy Davidson
  • Greg and Tammy Garson
  • Douglas and Geri Gordon
  • Val and Audrey Hilker
  • Colin and Deb McMann
  • Bruce and Chris Semeniuk

Murray Fleminig, Doug and Geri Gordon and Colin and Deb McMann all won top 10 awards Murray won the Mayor’s Award.

The ladies enjoyed a long walk down to the beach and back. It was an excellent day for everyone, with lots of laughter and visiting.

McManns Take Home Trophy from Rimbey

The following members of the Sylvan Lake Customs and Classics attended the Rimbey Show and Shine on August 24th:

  • Gary and Sybele Brownlee
  • Greg and Trammy Garson
  • Douglas and Geri Gordon
  • Val and Audrey Hilker
  • Colin and Deb McMann
  • Garry and Joanne Smith

The club was awarded with a nice plaque for the best attendance by a club.
Colin and Deb McMann took home a trophy for Top Six for their 58 Chev Bel Air.

Sylvan Lake Customs and Classics Car Club Members win Best Attendance at Rimbey Car Show

Members Attend Rock’n August in St Albert

On August 10th,  two members of the Sylvan Lake Customs and Classics car club made their way from Red Deer to St Albert to the Rock-n-August car show.  Bruce and Chris Semeniuk and Murray Fleming and Wendy Davidson enjoyed a quiet drive up to St Albert, with grey skies but fortunately, no rain. Gord and Elaine Bredo, from our club, were at the show early and Gord did an outstanding job holding parking spaces for the other car club members. He had to seriously fend off other show attendees and the parking staff.  

During the morning, the men took time to enjoy the pancake breakfast, while the ladies visited the huge farmers market that St Albert puts on every Saturday.  There were numerous food trucks at the event, and a variety of vendors, and free cotton candy for both little ones and adults!

There were over 800 cars at the show, parked in and around the tree lined Lions Park and across the Sturgeon River on the grassy Healing Garden Park areas.  There were many, many excellent cars and trucks to occupy Murray’s camera lens as he made his way around the show.  This is illustrated in the following pictures:

Trophies were awarded at around three o’clock but our club did not bring any ‘Piston’ trophies home this year.  We had no car issues other than Murray’s left signal light became inoperative on the way home.  Everyone agreed that it was a good day, even if the sun had a hard time shining through the gray clouds.

Semeniuk and Larratt Attend Super Run

Bruce and Chris Semeniuk and Bill and Deb Larratt attended the Super Run Show and Shine in Brandon, Manitoba on the week-end of Aug 1st to Aug 3rd. Bruce tracked the distance they drove, and he figures that the road to Brandon and back was 1803 miles(2930kms) of flat driving.

There were about 625 cars at the show. The temp was in the low thirties for all three days.

The following pictures were taken by Bruce at the show:

On the way back home, they stopped at Moose Jaw and went on the underground cave tunnel tour.   This a year-round attraction where guests are entertained with unique theatrical presentations of Canadian history. Beneath the streets, participants on the tour relive Al Capone’s bootlegging days on the Chicago Connection and experience, first-hand, the hardships of early Chinese immigrants on the Passage to Fortune. Bruce and Chris highly recommend anyone travelling through this area to stop and tour the Tunnels. The combination of intrique and history provided an unforgettable experience.

Headed to the Super Run in Brandon, Manitoba

Bruce and Chris Semeniuk and Bill and Deb Larratt set out for Brandon, Manitoba in the early morning on Wednesday, July 28th to attend the annual Super Run car show. Their first couple of days on the road were very HOT! 

The Semeniuks and Larratts met up with friends from the Westlock area and travelled together to Brandon.  The travelling troop consisted of a Fargo crewcab (very modified), a mid 60’s Ford half ton (also modified), a 1952 Chev half ton SSR Prototype (?!?), and a 1972 Olds SX. 

It is estimated that some 500 cars will be attending the event. 

More stories and photos will be posted once the troops are back home next week.

Members Attend Rocky Mountain Car Show

On Saturday, July 27th, six members of the Sylvan Lake Customs and Classics Car Club travelled to Rocky Mountain House to attend their annual Show and Shine. Bill and Deb Larratt, Bruce and Chris Semeniuk, Val and Audrey Hilker, Grey and Tammy Garson and Murray Fleming met up in Red Deer and travelled to Rocky. Don Church made his way on his own in his 67 Camaro.  Everyone travelled without incident except for an electric fan malfunction which resulted in the loss of lot of antifreeze on main street in Rocky.     

Main street was filled with approximately 120 cars and trucks (including 17 studebakers) and a few motor bikes.

Everyone enjoyed a great breakfast sandwich at the local music store.  Yes — it really was a music store and cafe. Ten dollars bought a great breakfast along with a lot of cool music related decore. The weather was good until noon, and then the clouds and the rain came rushing in (see photo). 

The weather changed from sunshine to clouds and rain at noon at the Rocky Mountain Car Show

The trip home was a wet one, but everyone made it home safe and sound.

Deuce Days 2019 in Victoria

Garry and Joanne Smith took their 1932 Ford out to Victoria to participate in Deuce Days 2019. Deuce Days is held every three years in Victoria and attracts a variety of classic cars, although the focus is on cars built in 1932, which are referred to as “deuces”. Deuce Days 2019 began on Thursday, July 18th and included a poker run, a meet and greet social, a formal dinner and culminated in the display of the cars in Victoria’s inner harbour on Sunday.

Garry and Joanne attended virtually all the events as participants while Murray Fleming and Wendy Davidson attended Deuce Days as spectators. Garry and Joanne managed to have their classic car parked right in front of the Empress Hotel in a prime location — of course, they achieved this by being at the waterfront at 4:30 a.m.

Garry and Joanne Smith with their 1932 Ford in front of the Empress Hotel

The Victoria inner harbour was packed with both cars and people on Sunday, July 21st. There were approximately 1400 cars on display.Participants attended from Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, California, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. There was even one car shipped over from New Zealand.

Boutin Wins at Sundre Show and Shine

The following members of the Sylvan Lake Customs and Classics atteneded the Sundre Show and Shine on July 1st:

  • Brian and Barb Boutin
  • Gary and Sybele Brownlee
  • Greg and Tammy Garson
  • Doug and Geri Gordon
  • Val and Audrey Hilker
  • Colin and Deb McMann
  • Bruce and Chris Semeniuk

Brian Boutin won the award for best paint.

The following pictures were taken at the show: